Corin Johnson’s work incorporates larger public sculpture commissions, restoration projects, personal artwork for exhibitions, drawings, letter design, modelling as well as stone, marble and woodcarving.

Corin was born in Warwick and lives and works in London. He has exhibited at the Tate Britain, The Mall Gallery, The Snow Gallery and the The Arts Centre Melbourne, Kings Place Pangolin Gallery amongst many others.

Major commissions include Two Christian Martyrs on Westminster Abbey, The Bently Fox, The Lady Diana memorial at Althorpe, St. Andrew for Exeter College Oxford, Pair of Ounces for The National Trust, 2 large marble sculptures designed by the artist Paul Noble and a relief carving of a slave for The Scott anti-slavery monument at Wisbech.

Corin Johnson, public sculpture, commissions, restoration projects, personal artwork, exhibitions, drawings, letter design, stone, marble , woodcarving.

Corin Johnson trained as a stone carver before completing his BA in fine art at City in Guilds. He regularly executes monuments for churches and stately homes as well as sculpting marble for contemporary artists in Cararra, Italy. His ‘own work’, not that he doesn’t commit himself to his craft, is given freer reign and a lighter subject – more often than not it is polychrome wood carving.

His figures are not bogged down by artiness and have the wide eyed naive feel of Kirchner as opposed to Balkenhol or Baselitz.

Wheelbarrow speaks very eloquently of the painterly nature of this kind of ‘openly worked’ carving, an irresistible throb of potentially to be precise. The lower figure, still very blocky but beginning to follow the easily applied contours of the drawing conveys a feeling that the forms could flow in some many different directions if the artist were to apply his imagination there.

Marcus Harvey